Selection Vintage

A pretty pale yellow dress with white gold highlights dresses this Champagne. A myriad of fine bubbles play in the light and come to weave a delicate creamy crown.

The nose is delicate, airy, while lace with flowers of acacia and syringa associated with ripe lemon and pippin apple. At the air a few touches of honey spring bring greed.

The delicacy is in the mouth with great elegance. The bubble is caressing and teases the taste buds. The creamy texture is light and fluid. Some notes of citrus fruits and white fruits accompany the tasting for a long time. The finish is very long on citrus fruits, mandarin orange and blood orange nuanced pear.


Pinot noir and Chardonnay



Expressive nose, frank attack, the mouth is marked by the roundness and fluidity of the fruitiness.

Champagne aperitif


To be enjoyed as an aperitif but also on a spider or lobster.

To try also with an aquitaine caviar.



Serve at 8°C, 9°C.